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every week, every day, you experience something new. there is no such thing as writer's block (or so i'm told) because you are surrounded by inspiration 24/7. some may be bourgeois, political, social, etc. etc. but it's still inspiration.


Thursday, January 23, 2003

so....enlighten me.

but you want five things right?

#1- I'm Hillary. tashi delek. nice to meet you.
#2- I'm sXe (straight-edge: no drinking, no drugs, no sex)
#3- writing and music.
#4- i'm a very peaceful person. VERY. i am also greatly into the free-tibet scene. you'll hear a lot about it from me. but nonetheless, i am a hockey fan. a little contradicting?
#5- Big inspiration this past weekend- the protests down on the mall. I went of course. great amazing speeches. awesome people. too bad mr. bush was at camp david. but i think we got our point across.

that's all for my debut update. peace.

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