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every week, every day, you experience something new. there is no such thing as writer's block (or so i'm told) because you are surrounded by inspiration 24/7. some may be bourgeois, political, social, etc. etc. but it's still inspiration.


Friday, February 07, 2003

i usually don't pay attention to Shakira, but the article(s) on this got my attention. Here's one of them :
Shakira Calls for Peace, Explains Mongoose Mystery

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."-Jimi Hendrix

todays a snow day. what to do what to do.

Sunday, February 02, 2003

My nickname for january was Garfield. It was a morose month. AT least for me. But I did have some major things. Good and Bad.

#1-The protests, no shit. it was amazing. The speakers were amazing, and so were the people. It was so cold but because I was with one of my best friends (Tanya) and everyone was supportive, we got through it. And of course meeting Dylan and his friends was great too. I've veryveryveryveryvery glad i went.
#2-HAIR-the musical. My school is producing it for their first all-school production in over five years, and considering i go to an arts school, i think that's pretty funny. Plus, i got in! We have about 50 people who made it; only 4 freshman. so I consider myself lucky.
#3-Tenzin Delek Rinpoche's affirmed suspended death sentence will last two years. I wonder what would have happened if no one sent faxes. SFT members sent a 10,000 faxes to their representatives. But, Lobsang Dhondhop was executed last sunday, after a secret retrial. Depressing. But it's what's been happening to Tibetans for 50 years now.
But it isn't just Tibetans. Muslims. Chechens. Human-Rights are barely existent. Another sad thing.
#4 Maret Open Mic- This was the absolute perfect way to spend a friday night. I was really really happy. It was great. I have a lot of friends who go to different schools. It can be hard, especially now, but it's so much fun to go to all this stuff. Spoont. played. Spoont. is a really awesome local band. And Daniel (guitar, vocals) has done so much for me. He's an awesome friend. I met him when was in a local production of Fiddler on the Roof last fall. Anyway, they played last, and i got up and i danced, er, jumped, er, mini-skanked, er, you get the point. But i never really get up and dance at shows. It was an amazing feeling though. Also, Daniel got me one of the shirts that were being sold. It was the perfect one; it had a tie on the front and on the back it said A.L. Says: SUBMIT! its kind of an Inside joke between Daniel and I.
It was an amazing and fun night.
#5-The first day of this month (february for those who don't know what month it is) I went to these lectures about children and stroke. It was fascinating. Twi things that kind of flustered me though: A really really sick kid with chickenpox at a hospital, and we watched a clip of a man having a seizure, split-screen with nerve pulses. Wow. those kind of scared me. But it was great, I had two lectures yesterday and I have two next saturday. Educational interests.
But I never want to be a doctor.
Also, most of you heard about Shuttle Columbia. It's a tragedy. it was 15 minutes from landing. 15 minutes. and then it was gone. poof.

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