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every week, every day, you experience something new. there is no such thing as writer's block (or so i'm told) because you are surrounded by inspiration 24/7. some may be bourgeois, political, social, etc. etc. but it's still inspiration.


Sunday, February 16, 2003

#6- the war situation.

that's all i can say about it.

this weekend, so far, has turned out quite the opposite of what i expected.

#1-I wasn't able to go up to new york for the protests in the first place, but friday during lunch i started breakng out into hives. the got worse, so they sent me home. my dad came to pick me up, and he had already made an emergency appointment with my doctor. Now, i get there, i have to put on one of those paper gowns. fun. but not. Anyway, I have to get a strep test, and the guy who worked in the lab was trying to make me laugh. By giving me an offer of getting a free shot with my strep test. It made me a little more cheerful. I didn't have strep, so the diagnosis was a "viral exanthem" which is just a rash that will go away within 3-4 days. it wasn't contagious, so i could go back to school. i had rehearsal, and i really couldn't miss that.

#2-my grandfather's birthday (on my dad's side) was last monday. I was at my mom's, plus didn't make it home from rehearsal until later than usual, so it slipped my mind. My mom and I called tuesday night, but no one answered. I left a message telling him a happy belated birthday and hoped he was having a good night. little did i know that he was at the hospital. another anurism, another surgery, and hopeflly another upcoming getting back to being okay. I haven't talked to him in a few months, i always talk to my grandmother.
I didn't know if i'd get to talk to him again. I didn't know if he knew i wished him a happy birthday.
the one thing about it was everytime i did tak to him, he'd say the same hello, same joyful voice, "hello my sweetheart!"

#3- SNOW. more snow. a lot has come down. a lot more is going to come. so we're getting snowed in. fun stuff. I promised myself i'd make a snow angel. So hopefully, when i get better, i can make one.
when snow is untouched in a residential neighborhood setting, it's beautiful. When it snowed in December, i was taking the bus, passing the national cathedral. this monument covered in pure white snow, The pine trees covered as well. Picturesque.

#4- my mom and i bought a record player. we discovered around 50 of her old albums. vinyl is amazing. we have jimi hendrix, janis joplin, beatles, joni mitchell, the kinks, simon and garfunkle, bob dylan, so much great music. Listening to it, it's amazing. vinyl has an amazing sound. most of my mom's record are in amazing condition. I'm like her with my music, very particular about how my cds are treated, and now my records.

#5-Got report cards. for the first time ever, i got all As. no more parental units nagging me about school. excellent.

i have two pieces i'm working on at the moment. If i have time to workshop them, then they'll be posted/

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